Mayor's Welcome

Welcome to the City of New London! We hope that all our visitors to the site will find the provided information about our government, community and services provided as helpful in addressing your questions and concerns.

We are very proud of our community and invite you to visit and see first hand the things we have to offer. It is my feeling that you will be pleased with our town and its citizens.


Kirk Miller, Mayor


Residential Lots for Sale

Phases of Development Map (3).JPG
Pine Street Subdivision - First Addition

The City of New London has six residential lots left for sale in Phase 1 of the Pine Street Subdivision (lots 1-5 and 9).

The lots will be sold on a first come first serve basis at $15,000.

All bidders must sign an "Acknowledgement of Conditions to Competitive Bidding for Real Estate Offered by the City of New London, IA in the South Pine Street Urban Renewal Area" prior to being allowed to bid on a lot(s).  Some of the items addressed in this document are as follows:

  • Bidder must be willing to construct a single family home within 18 months of the closing date.

  • If the bidder fails to complete construction within 18 months the City may retake title to the property through a reversionary right.

  • Any improvements to these lots will not be eligible for any property tax abatement programs.

  • These lots are subject to restrictive covenants.

Links to the Acknowledgement, Final Plat, Restrictive Covenants and Draft Purchase Agreement are below.  These documents are also available at the City Office.

Any questions regarding the sale of the residential lots should be directed to Kasi Howard 319-367-7702 or newloncity@iowatelecom.net.